Rental agreement

1. General

1.1 These Rental Terms apply to all rental agreements between Beemster Bike Rent ("the Company") and the renter ("the Renter");

1.2 By renting a bicycle, the Renter agrees to these Rental Terms.

2. Rental Agreement

2.1 The rental agreement comes into effect when the Renter has paid the rental fee and the bicycle has been received.

2.2 The rental period will be agreed upon in advance and recorded in the reservation module on the website or in the rental agreement.

2.3 The reservation for rental must be 24 hours before the rental period. If you want to rent a bike within 24 hours, we recommend to give us a call for the possibilities;

2.4 We do not charge delivery fees within a 13 km radius of the company's business address. If your location is outside, we will get in contact to agree on a price with you;

2.5 The minimum rental period is 1 day, this applies from 07:00 am to 20:00 pm;

2.6 The renter will receive the rented bike in good condition at the rental location specified by you;

2.7 When delivering the bike, you are required to show your identification and pay the deposit (see 3.2). The data provided needs to correspond with your identification. The company is entitled to make a photocopy of your identification document;

2.8 The agreed rental period remains in effect even if you finish with the bicycle earlier;

2.9 The bicycle must be returned no later than the agreed collection time. If the bike is returned after the agreed return date and time, the landlord will charge the full daily rental for each day the bike is returned later than agreed, to be calculated from the closing time on the return date (8:00 pm);

3. Payment and deposit

3.1 The rental price must be paid in advance of the rental period;

3.2 You pay a deposit of € 75,- for a city bike and € 150,- for an E-bike. This amount will be returned after the company received the bicycle timely and undamaged back from the Renter.

4. Maintenance and damage

4.1 In the case of damage, loss or theft of the bicycle, bicycle parts and/or supplied accessories, the Renter is liable for the repair costs or replacement value. The amounts for damage and loss are listed in point 6.6;

4.2 It is not permitted to carry out any repairs to the Rented bicycle without the company's consent;

4.3 The renter is obliged to report damage and/or loss to the company as soon as possible.

5. Assurance and Accountability

5.1 The Company does not offer insurance for the bicycle. The Renter is responsible for any insurance against damage, loss or theft. Please check your own travel insurance.

5.2 The Company is not liable for any damage, injury, loss of private objects or personal damasge arising from the use of the rented bicycle. The Renter is fully liable;

5.3 The renter shall indemnify the Company against all third party claims for damage or injury caused by the use of the hired bicycle;

5.4 The renter shall bear full legal liability for damage caused to third parties;

5.5 In case of theft, the Hirer shall be fully liable for the daily value of the bicycle. The daily value for city bikes is €250 and for electric bikes €1000. The Renter is obliged to report theft to the local police and Beemster Bike Rent will receive a copy of the report and the bike keys;

5.6 In case of damage or loss, the following amounts will be charged;

Damage to the bicycle wheel € 15,00

Huge scratch with damage to the coating € 10,00

Broken bicycle bell € 3,00

Broken mudguard € 10,00

Broken front light E-bike € 11,00

Broken back light E-bike € 8,00

Broken front light city bike € 5,00

Broken back light city bike € 5,00

Lost keys € 15,00

5.7 Beemster Bike Rent is permitted to recover any damages from the deposit;

5.8 Beemster Bike Rent is allowed to recover full damages from the renter;

6. Battery and fire hazard

6.1 The Company is not responsible for damage or fire caused by the batteries of electric bicycles, the Hirer will be held responsible;

6.2 The renter shall use and charge the batteries according to the Company's instructions to minimalize the risk for fire hazard;

7. Defects

7.1 In the event of defects by the bicycle, the renter shall contact the Company immediately;

7.2 The Company shall to the best of its ability to provide another bicycle in replacement or repair the defective bicycle;

8. Return of the bicycle

8.1 The bicycle must be returned on the agreed date and time at the agreed location.

8.2 In case of late return, the Renter shall owe an additional rental fee equal to the applicable rental price per day, unless otherwise agreed.

8.3 In the event of suspected misuse, the Company is allowed to reclaim the rented bicycle.

8.4 The renter shall return the bicycle, including the supplied accessories, in the same condition in which it was received.

8.5 The renter shall treat the Rented Bicycle with care and take responsibility for any damage to the rented bicycle and for the repair costs arising therefrom;

9. Privacy

9.1 The Company processes personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws. For more information we refer to our privacy policy.

10. Applicable law and disputes

10.1 These Terms of Use and the rental agreement are governed by Dutch law.

10.2 Disputes arising from or related to the rental agreement shall be submitted to the competent court in the district where the Company has its registered office.

11. Changing the rent policy

11.1 The Company keeps the right to modify these Terms of Use. The Renter will be deemed to have agreed to the changes if he continues to use the Company's services after the change.

12. Contact Information

For questions or comments regarding these Terms of Use, please contact Beemster Bike Rent at

By renting the bike, the Renter confirms to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms of Use.