Beemster area

The Beemster, a picturesque polder landscape near Purmerend, Volendam and Amsterdam, is a hidden gem that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This special area, which was once water, is a great example of Dutch ingenuity in the fight against water!

De Beemster is a stone's throw from Purmerend and easily accessible from Amsterdam. Perfect for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city! You can cycle around and enjoy the quiet and wide views. The charming villages, impressive farms and country houses tell stories of a rich history. With our e-bikes the dike in Volendam or the Zaanse Schans are also just an hour away. 

Cycling through this beautiful landscape is a treat; the well-maintained roads lead you along breathtaking views and historical sights. So rent a bike and discover this unique part of the Netherlands!